samedi 1 décembre 2007

Christmas break

In the meantime, a sushi game to test your skills :)

Sushi Kansai (Domkyrkan)

Kungsgatan. 6/10. The good service could not compensate for the low quantity and quality of food. Too small sushis, too little ginger and a poor selection of sushis make the experience easily forgettable. The makis seemed somewhat better though, so you might consider the maki menu if you're forced to eat there. :)

samedi 24 novembre 2007

Wasabi Sushi (Johanneberg)

Gibraltargatan 56. 5/10. The rice tends to be warm and not very tasty. Also this place is extremely moist in the winter, which makes eating there a quite displeasing experience. Still a reasonable aternative if you are in the area and looking for food though... The sushis served there never made me sick.

Super Sushi

Drottninggatan 50. 8/10. The best place so far. Yummy freshest food. Some surprising offering, but never disappointing. And the servings are quite large :)

Sushi LII

7/10. Östra Larmgatan. Despite the owners speaking some Chinese dialect, they know something about the Japanese art of preparing sushis. I also noticed they eat their own food, which is always a good sign. Not the best sushis I've ever eaten, but if you get tired of Super Sushi, it's still a very viable option.